Carrier Oils

Carrier Oils do not have any therapeutic property like natural essential oils but at the same time, they are not as volatile as essential oils. The volatile property of essential oils makes it difficult to be applied topically. Hence, when it comes to topical applications, essential oils are used after being diluted with the carrier oil. Some of our best formulation of carrier oils includes black seed oil, grape seed oil, sweet almond oil, tomato seed oil, lemongrass oil, camellia oil and muskmelon oil among others.

Go through our catalogue and you will find hardly any vegetable or spice oils that we have left out. Our research and development department is always on their toes to bring out the unique properties of every seed, vegetable and fruit which can be used to make the best carrier oil. We are one of the most trusted carrier oil exporters in the international market. Our incredible brand recall makes us the undisputed market leader in this category. We have the best talent and the most dependable trade practices.